Plan your visit

Järvzoo is open all days throughout the year. All seasons have their delight. Spring, when the spring sun warms the ground back up, the grass sprouts and the animals’ young are born. Summer, when the bears cool off in the pool and the park is full of activities. Autumn, when the clover animals have magnificent horns and the forest bursts of colors. Winter, when the snow is sparkling, and the animals are at their finest in their winter fur.

Good to know

  • At Järvzoo you will walk around the park along a three-kilometer-long wooden pavement without stairs. Since the zoo is built on a mountain, it slopes quite steeply in some places. There are plenty of rest areas around the park where you can rest for a while if needed.

  • Accessibility for people with disabilities may be restricted in some places. Therefore, it may be good to have someone to help you. There is a disabled toilet in the entrance building. Please contact us before the visit if you would like more information.
  • Take your time. The animal enclosures are large, so you may not see the animals right away. Please use binoculars, if you don’t have your own you can rent a pair from us.

  • Carts can be rented at the entrance so you can easily bring your baggage around the park. Strollers can of course be brought along.

  • Be sure to watch when the animals are fed. During feeding, the animal keepers tell you about the animals, their eating habits, characteristics and other peculiarities.

  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter the zoo, but they are welcome to wait in our dog yard, which is for visitors’ dogs. There are 3 places in the dog yard, and they cost SEK 30 / piece to rent. You pay the fee when you purchase your entrance ticket. The owner is responsible for ensuring that the dog has water and something to lie in etc.

  • Free parking is available next to the park. The parking lot is common to guests to Järvzoo, Bergshotellet, Järvsöbacken and Järvsö Bergcykelpark. There is no specific disabled parking space at Järvzoo but it is possible to drive all the way to the entrance and drop off the disabled person there and then park the car in the regular parking lot.

  • There is a smoking ban throughout the zoo. The smoking area is outside the entrance only and we are grateful for the respect shown to our animals and other visitors.

  • Feeding the animals is not allowed. Our animals have a carefully controlled diet and can become seriously ill if fed incorrectly.

  • The wooden pavement goes through beautiful unspoilt forest nature that we would like to preserve. We therefore ask you to throw any garbage in the trash cans in the zoo.

  • For visitors to Järvzoo and the Predators’ Center there is a charging pole for electric cars. The charging station is located at the top parking lot.


In the entrance to Järvzoo there is a well-stocked shop with nice stuffed animals, toys, gift items and more. There is also ice cream, drinks and sweets to buy.

Group Travel

Järvzoo is an appreciated visitor destination and is suitable for all types of groups, ranging from school classes to pensioner associations. If you are more than 15 people you get a discount on the admission fee. Please notify your arrival in advance so we can take care of you in the best way. For booking and pricing information, contact us here.

The Predators’ Center “The big five”

Adjacent to our entrance is The Predators’ Center The 5 big- a knowledge center focusing on our five large predators: bear, wolf, lynx, wolverine and man. When visiting Järvzoo, entrance to the Predator Center is included. Here you can feel the soft fur of the lynx, stand eye to eye with wolves, and crawl into a cozy bear pit. Here you can also take the opportunity to see if you weigh as much as a wolf or a bear – and to know how fast a bear heart beats!

Animal feeding times

Take the opportunity to come extra close to the animals and at the same time hear when the animal keepers tell about the animals, their eating habits, characteristics and other peculiarities. We have public feeding times all weekends throughout the year (starting with the wolf about 45 minutes into the park) and extended programs during certain periods. See opening hours & programs for current times.

For the kids

For the children there is much to see, do and discover in the park. During the summer you can visit the shepherd’s hut where you can meet lambs, calves and rabbits. In the play area, it is open for anyone with a run in the legs and a playful mind to test our “do-not-touch-the-ground” path and to jump far like an animal.

Food and drinks

See the calendar for opening hours and selection in the cafeterias.

The Forest Hut

About 1 km into the park lies the Forest Hut. New for this year is that Järvsöklämman (local business) moved in and serves hot locally produced thin bread wraps. Here you will also find hot dogs, coffee, sweets and ice cream to buy. The cafeteria is now open every day during the summer. See the calendar for days and times.

Coffee shop

At the entrance at Järvzoo you will find drinks, sweets, coffee and simple pastries to buy or enjoy in the café section in connection with the exhibition “The Big five”.

Rest Areas

Along the wooden pavement there are several nice rest and view places where you can eat your lunch. Outdoors as well as inside the Forest hut, about 1 km into the park, there are fireplaces, firewood and fire making supplies as well as tables and benches where you can eat your packed lunch.


Bergshotellet is located right next to the zoo. The hotel’s restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, à la carte and pizza buffet every day of the week. More information about opening hours.

To the park

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